lemongrass, chai and saturday

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November 20, 2010 by peacock republic

it’s so hard for me to have favorites.  there are a handful of cities in the u.s. that i just adore and please don’t ask me to tell you my favorite movie or book.  there are so many.  people, movies, books, cities, you name it…. i think there are so many amazing things about everything and everyone.

…there are a few select exceptions to my favorites list though. one being my favorite color. coffee. oh yes. coffee is a beautiful color in my world. and the color of sunsets, which makes my jaw drop.

so it’s on this gorgeous saturday in jacksonville (after drinking coffee and hoping to catch the sunset tonight) that i am making, delivering and shipping two very popular lines to two really awesome places.

this will be my second delivery of lemongrass love to violet boutique in jacksonville this week.  when i stop by violet and start roaming around i feel like it’s my birthday.  seriously.  how can texie (the most gracious and helpful proprietor) possibly curate the most amazing collection of clothes and accessories? i don’t know, but she sure does it.

and our chai tea latte is headed to nyc.  oh i cant even get started.  you might tilt your head in confusion and wonder if it’s possible for me to be deeply in love with a city (or many cities for that matter).  haven spa in soho is one of our newest stockists and the word on the street (150 mercer street that is) is that they are introducing winter treatments utilizing our chai tea latte sugar scrubs and lotions.

i know many of the awesome lasses and lads that make up the coolest customer base ever live in jacksonville and nyc.  so please, pop over and take a look.

thanks again to all of you.

love, erin


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