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November 30, 2010 by peacock republic

i spent thanksgiving with my family, crisp mountain air and lots of laughing. i laughed until i cried more times than i can count.

we went hiking after dinner and i thought a lot about the multitude of things i am grateful for.  and there’s so many.  everyone reminisced and new memories were made.  kids played in fallen leaves and for a few days i was computer free surrounded by people i deeply love.

and on the heels of the holiday i have even more to be thankful for.  i have a busy week at peacock republic. we will be making a donation to feeding america this week.  amazingly, one dollar provides seven meals for families struggling with hunger. i’m also filling bottles of soap for our upcoming soap drop to the sulzbacher center in a few weeks.

i’m grateful that a close family friend celebrated his birth today and we welcomed a new family member into the world.  i held this sleepy bundle of love until my heart completely melted and it was voted that my watery eyes needed to share him.

…and thank you.  peacock republic’s customers allow me to get up every morning and do what i love.  what i could and do talk about for hours.  what fills me up professionally.  thank you.

but right at this moment. right now. i’m thankful for sleep. and off i go.




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