blooming soap


December 1, 2010 by peacock republic

the low today is 38°F, but even still… look what’s blooming outside our office.

not too long ago i planted the packaging from one bar of soap and this is what sprouted.  that’s right!

if you didn’t know, our bar soap is packaged in plantable paper that sprouts wildflowers.  and i must say, i’m pretty impressed with the full planters outside.  full of flowers from one bar of mint bliss.

chai tea latte and and wildflowers! that’s having your cake and eating too.





2 thoughts on “blooming soap

  1. Wow that really is the greatest thing I have seen since sliced gluten free bread. Can’t wait to come Christmas shop.

  2. Annie says:

    Wow!! All of that beautiful goodness from just 1 box? That is really awesome!

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