candles of hope

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October 13, 2012 by peacock republic


candles of hope are now available online and at the honeycomb salon in jacksonville, florida.

The Candles of Hope Story…

WE International Anti-trafficking program helps rescue and bring restoration to women that have been forced, coerced or defrauded into prostitution.  With the assistance and training of Peacock Republic these natural soy wax candles were made with enthusiasm and hope by women from WE International’s aftercare center in East Africa.  These rescued women laughed, found lost enthusiasm and made friends with WE International staff as they worked over charcoal wood stoves making these Candles of Hope.  In a way these candles represent a better day, a better life for these ladies.  As you light one, please think of them and the difference you made in their lives by purchasing these candles.

ALL profits from the sale of these candles go back to WE International and the women to aid in their restorative care and provide income for them to start their own businesses.

Join WE International in their work of addressing modern day slavery.


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